About Us
The world of risk management has been in a state of evolution over the last couple of decades. The singular most significant change in our view has been the way the world of non-financial services organisations have also started looking at relevant elements of risk management.

At the same time, globalisation of the corporate world has picked up speed and more of the large corporates have aggressively increased their global footprint, and by definition are therefore going into emerging markets, and sometimes into markets with lower CPI index countries.

The regulators across markets haven't stayed behind in the race either. New laws and reinforcement of existing regulations - Dodd Frank, Sox, FCPA, Basel, have added to the world of risk management. All this sets up a cauldron of governance and controllership challenges for the global majors, with the continued economic downturn over the last many years making things more difficult for the CFOs, Global Controllers and Risk Officers of large global corporates.

You may call us a team of crystal ball gazers, but when we looked at the global governance landscape a decade ago, we were also convinced that technology was fast progressing to shrink the world. Access to information, people, customers and vendors was a click of a button away! Our experiences of working across the then touted Big 5 (now dwindled to Big 4!) also told us that talent was respected and recognized globally no matter where it be sourced from.

All this convinced us that "One Seamless Global Team" to support governance and risk management needs of large global majors delivered cost effectively had to be the next gen model for the future - there started the germination process of Axis Risk Consulting Services Pvt Ltd ('Axis').

Over the last 9 years, Axis has continued to build the practice with the help of two sets of very strategic and powerful brand ambassadors - Our Customers and Our People. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have initially started with a set of customers who showed trust and faith in our capabilities and commitment to deliver.

Over the years as they experienced our services, they chose to become our proud brand ambassadors, supporting us wholeheartedly. As a final affirmation of our customer sponsorship, we have often been delighted to receive calls from customers introducing us to our next set of customers. As an organization, we attribute much of our success to one of our essential Axis Mantras - maniacal focus on customer centricity and customer delight, to the point that it is our DNA and runs through the organisation. We have seeded most relationships through small discrete pilot projects and allowed our quality deliverables nurture and grow these relationships into large annuity and long term business partnerships.

More than 60% of our current management team has been with us since 2006 or prior. Of all the customers we acquired pre 2006, 90% of them continue to be ongoing customers even today. Clearly, we have a demonstrated track record of customer and people stickiness - we grow with our clients and our people. Our professional team members are well travelled and have serviced customers in over 50 countries. Thus, they are aware of cultural nuances and sensitivities of working with customers across the globe. This coupled with our philosophy of "one global client team" has allowed us to become the preferred Global Business Partners for many Fortune companies.

Our streak of innovation which runs through the organisation has supported continuous and structured development of differentiated solutions. This strength has allowed us to operate in the 'blue ocean' while steering clear of the 'red ocean'. All the above has been possible because of our fanatical focus on consistently training our people with continued Senior Leadership focus to maintain and deliver quality initiatives ahead of the accepted industry norm.

Axis Leadership Team appreciates your interest in us. We invite you to browse through the various sections of this website to help you to know us better and to understand our capabilities. We look forward to partnering with you as your potential next trusted business advisor.